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How to Save Money While Paying off Debt

Paying off debt isn’t easy. Everywhere you go, ads are trying to convince you to spend money. We’re even sold

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5 Things I’ve Learned Going Abroad

Whatever your perspective is, traveling overseas is a marvelous undertaking. Today I’m sharing my five big takeaways from hopping the

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Lessons from a Single, Working Mom

I was raised by a single, teenage mom. My upbringing was a tragedy in every way. As a survivor of

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Women’s Health Care 101: What you need to know

In the year 2017, current, expectant and aspiring mothers face several hurdles when it comes to building a family. And

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10 Tips for an Insta-Worthy, Stress-Free Girls’ Trip

People love to travel – even if it’s just to get away for the weekend. The Office for National Statistics

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Five Must-Read Beach Books

I wait all winter long to take my chair to the shore, feel the ocean touch my toes and have

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Baking soda and skincare: 7 ways to use it today

You are going on a date in a few days and notice a new pimple. Great. Instead of reaching for the nearest

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Pregnancy Hormones: It’s not just Mood Swings

A lot of people associate pregnancy hormones with mood swings, and maybe a few physical symptoms like nausea, bloatedness and

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The letter I’d write to my younger self …

Dear 18 year old Jen, You are going from being at a school where you are praised and honored to

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5 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching Now

By now we’ve pretty much all figured out that Netflix is the place to go for great TV shows. Orange