6 Fresh iPhone Cases

6 Fresh IPhone Cases | FEMME & FORTUNEI have an Android and so does Melissa. But sometimes I want to get an iPhone for the sole purpose of buying myself any one of these super fresh cases. And how awesome is that “Yo!” one?, so Philly!

YO! Case from Kate Spade Saturday $25
Signature Heart Case from Ban.do $25
Pineapple Case from JCrew $25
Pixiegram Case from Anthropologie $24
Payphone Case from Jack Spade $40
Hello Hello Case from Rifle Paper Co. $34

Celestine Fabros

Celestine Fabros

Co-Founder/Managing Editor

Celestine is the Co-founder and Art Director at Veritas Creative Studio. She is also the blogger behind lifestyle blog Fernaly. With a keen eye and passion for learning about design, her self-taught knowledge has fostered relationships with many local businesses, turning their brand’s identity into one they truly resonate with and love. You can follow her on Twitter at @FernalyBlog to see what’s currently inspiring her in the design and lifestyle world.

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