Women In Media Take On Philadelphia!

Women In Media Take On Philadelphia!

Today, we’re partnering with the team behind Women In Media to share their story and their upcoming conference here in Philadelphia! Keep reading to learn more about this amazing group of boss ladies on a mission to change the media industry.

Femme & Fortune: Tell us about WIM! How did you get started and what’s your mission?

Women In Media: Back in 2013, local social entrepreneur and civic leader Danielle P. Jeter discovered the need to develop a platform that encourages and equips women to “Own Their Voice.” As a result, Women In Media was born in the spring of 2013 and has produced a well-respected and highly anticipated annual conference for women of all backgrounds, generations and professional levels. Our mission to empower, equip and encourage women from all walks of life who are either in the media field or who seek to enter it. Above all, our goal is to increase diversity and build unity within the industry.

Over the past four years, the conference has consistently sold out, serving a total of over 3,500 women in media in the tri-state area. Registrants enjoy dynamic keynote speakers, interactive breakout sessions, networking, delicious food, live music, and panel discussions. Notable featured conference speakers and panelists include Tracy Davidson (NBC 10 PHL), Dyana Williams (100.3 FM WRNB), Christine Maddela (NBC10 PHL) and more!

Femme & Fortune: What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from hosting this conference each year?

Women In Media: While each year we experience new growth, we are faced with the healthy challenge of how to host a life-changing conference experience for our dedicated attendees while still on a non-profit budget. It is through our vast relationships and resources throughout the country, that we have been able to pull together resources to produce an annual quality experience at an affordable ticket cost.

WIM has further learned that consistency and frequency are keys to our continued growth, which is one of the reasons we kicked off the monthly #WIMWellness After-Work Experiences. We’ve learned that WIM should not simply be a once a year conference but an ongoing community of supportive women and a 21st-century movement. Through countless testimonials and an overwhelming sense of positive feedback, it is has proven that women in media want more!

Femme & Fortune: What’s the impact you’re trying to create with women in media? What have been some of your favorite success stories from women attending your conference?

Women In Media: The impact that we are creating is a world that lends room for women to be fairly represented in the marketplace. That means equal pay to our male counterparts, equal protection, equal rights, and equal representation to name a few. WIM is dedicated to changing the perspective of how women are valued and viewed in the industry.  

One of our favorite success stories has been the high school and college students who attend and engage the conference. Each year through generous donations and sponsorships, we are able to offer a select number of students complimentary admission to the conference. This year we will welcome students from Big Picture Alliance, Rowan University, and Temple University to experience the 5th Annual Women In Media Conference honoring Sonia Sanchez! For WIM, it is important that our youth understand and recognize at a young age the importance for us as women to own our voices. We find it rewarding when students get involved in the network and decide to pursue a career in the media industry.

Attendees have also benefited from the carefully curated network and have gained employment opportunities, internships, and partnership ventures, all made possible through WIM. Women attend the annual conference and leave with opportunities to enhance their professional careers.

Femme & Fortune: Tell us about this year’s schedule and speakers! What are you excited about?

Women In Media: This year, we are excited for the opportunity to hear from and honor the legendary Sonia Sanchez. Sanchez is our elder in her 80’s and her dedicated fight for the Black Arts Movement, Higher Education, and Advocacy has truly paved the way for us all living today. It is an honor to have her grace us with her presence in her later years while sharing her wisdom with the WIM attendees.

Femme & Fortune: How can someone register for this year’s WIM Conference?

Women In Media: Tickets are still available for this Saturday’s conference and can be bought at! General admission is $70 and student tickets are $40. We hope to see the Femme & Fortune community there! For more information, visit our website at


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