Six Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Try Now

Six Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Try Now

For those who place special attention on the treatment of our furry companions, buying cruelty-free products is a must. While shopping for beauty products, you always check the labels for that familiar little bunny rabbit giving you the green light to buy. You might even look at blogs and online lists of companies that test on animals or the companies that do not test on animals, but their parent companies do. However committed you are to the cause, you could benefit from adding a few brands to your list. These beauty brands are proudly cruelty-free and come highly recommended.



This brand is a must for those who put more effort into their eyeshadow than most aspects of their lives. I feel like we need to take a moment for the insane color payoff of these highly pigmented shadows.

*Most products are Vegan



A cosmetics brand based in California. This company is super affordable and has grown quickly with support from beauty bloggers and Cali-cool girls. It carries everything from lipsticks to eyeshadow to bronzer and now brow pencils.

*Gluten free, Most products are Vegan

Make Beauty

Make Beauty

This NYC based beauty brand takes an artsy approach to makeup, encouraging its customers to be playful with its products. Make customers take “creative self-expression” to a new level with its wide range of beauty goods.

*Paraben-free, Bonus points for the 10% of sales that goes to charity!

Bath & Body



As if the colorful bath bomb videos weren’t cool enough, Lush has a much wider range of bath and beauty goodies to make us cheer. This brand leaves you with no excuse to not have a spa at home. After all, you deserve it.

*Vegetarian, Ethical Buying…

Shea Moisture


While curly haired girls live by this brand, they are not the only ones who appreciate the quality of Shea Moisture products. Organic ingredients good enough to eat come together to create healthy, nourishing, hair and skin products like shampoos, soaps and moisturizers.

*Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Fair Trade…

Nail-Aid Cares


In case the name did not give it away, Nail-Aid Cares is a company specializing in nail care. Be it chipped, dry, thin, or stained, this company strives to repair your nails without the use of toxic chemicals found in other brands. You can also check out their remedies for dry/cracked hands and feet.

*Carcinogen-free, Formaldehyde-free, Vegetarian ingredients…

If you are not already on team CF, then just consider the quality. Cruelty-free or not, these brands carry a great selection of items that will no doubt complete your beauty/skin-care regimen. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to any of these companies. Browse their sites and pick out your new favorites. Your skin and all the little animals will be grateful.


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