Our Favorite Podcasts for Health and Wellness

Our Favorite Podcasts for Health and Wellness

If you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out. They provide helpful information from experts that you can listen to anywhere — in the car, on the bus, working out, even showering. Podcasts are a great way to keep learning about the world and topics that interest you without having to crack open a scholarly journal.

If health and wellness is something you’re passionate about or just something you want to learn more about, these five podcasts are a great place to get started.

Beauty Inside Out

beautyinsideout-398x400This educational and inspirational podcast is hosted by Kimberly Snyder, a nutritionist and author. She focuses on the idea that outer beauty ultimately comes from being healthy and happy on the inside.

In Beauty Inside Out, you can expect to hear interviews with experts on a variety of subjects and you’ll get great takeaways that you can apply to your life right away. Topics include yoga, nutrition facts, tips for raising healthy babies and goal setting. If you enjoy this, you’ll also enjoy Kimberly’s earlier podcast, Realize Yourself.

Marathon Training Academy

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If you’re a runner (or want to be a runner), Marathon Training Academy is for you. It’s hosted by Angie and Trevor Spencer, a power couple who enjoy running marathons. You’ll hear them answer listener questions on everything about training for a marathon. They’ll also cover other helpful topics and tell you about their own experiences.

The podcast is definitely reliable: Angie is a registered nurse and a certified running coach, so she knows what she’s talking about. Training for your next (or your first) marathon will be a breeze with Marathon Training Academy.

Yoga Peeps

IMG_0111-300x300This podcast talks about all things yoga, hosted by Lara Hedin. She’s an active yogi who says that “life without yoga, is like a day without sun.” Yoga Peeps was created to bring the yogis of the world together to spread knowledge and love of yoga.

It’s been off the air for a few years now, but this kind of information doesn’t age. There are hours of listening time just waiting for you.

The podcast has multiple interviews, all sharing different ideas and insights about everything having to do with the world of yoga. It won’t teach you how to do step-by-step yoga practices as many yoga podcasts do, but it will give you an understanding of how to use yoga to make your life full and meaningful.

Spartan Up!


Heard of the Spartan Race? It’s an intense race through mud and obstacles that challenges people to be their best self. The founder and CEO of the Spartan Race, Joe Desena, hosts this podcast that talks about way more than just racing. He travels the world interviewing leaders from all walks of life, including authors, CEOs, athletes and just about anyone else you could think of.

His goal with Spartan Up! is to empower people with the tools of success and motivate them to make their own life epic. If you need a little boost to your morning routine, try listening to this to spice up your commute to work. Paired with coffee, you’ll be unstoppable.

hero-ten-minutesRadio Headspace

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Spartan Up! is Radio Headspace, a calming podcast meant to be a sort of meditative journey. It comes to you from the same people behind the Headspace smartphone app and is hosted by Georgie Orkell. The podcast covers topic such as change, stress and kindness. If you want to get started with meditation and mindfulness, this podcast is a great place to begin.

There’s a podcast for everyone. Try a few out to discover what you love to listen to and you’ll unlock a world of information and entertainment!


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