A jack of all trades, super athlete, and all around good guy, Nate Buckwalter is sure to impress and command attention in any crowd he’s in. Whether it’s supporting a friend’s political campaign or grabbing a few drinks at a bar, Nate’s warmth and candid personality is quite magnetic. But what we love most about him is his drive and passion in anything he sets his heart to. Business venture? Sports? Career advice? He’s got you covered with his settle-for-nothing-less and A+ approach on life. Ladies, meet Nate!What do your friends call you you? Any fun nicknames?
“Bucky” – everyone called me Bucky from 6th grade until college…friends, teachers, parents, literally everyone.  To my high school friends, I am still Bucky to this day.  There were two other guys named Nate on my soccer team and it was getting confusing so my coach started with Buckwalter.  All of a sudden, it was shortened to “Bucky.”
Where do you live currently?
I live in Manayunk near the new Planet Fitness.  I grew up in Birdsboro, Pa (near Reading).

What do you do for a living? 
I work as an account manager (among many other roles) for a great software company in Conshohocken. There are always dogs in the office, a soccer ball ready to be kicked, and even a daily push up challenge. In addition, my family owns an excavating business that I spent most of my childhood working for. I’m now an adviser and help out any other way I can.

What does your life look like outside of the office?
I love fitness – running..soccer..weightlifting..squash.  I play on a couple of soccer teams and manage to skip out for some lunchtime soccer at least once a week. I have run some interesting races. In September, I ran a 29.6 mile trail run. A few weeks ago, I did an adventure race that was about 20 miles with biking, running, climbing, archery, rifle, and orienteering. I’m always up for a challenge.What I enjoy the most is being out on the boat. I’m all about wakeboarding, kiteboarding, and just hanging by the water. I also like to keep stretching and growing myself. I like to keep myself moving in a positive direction by listening to a podcast or a portion of an audio book while getting ready in the morning. I love reading INC magazine and other articles on recent happenings in the start-up business world.

What is the best non-physical factor you look for in a woman?
I really value a girl that has a strong faith in God. I spend a good deal of time playing drums for my church and leading the marketing team there as well. I think it is extremely important to have a good balance of the faith thing with reality in today’s world.

Any favorite place you like to take a girl out on a date?
I don’t really have a “favorite” place, but I do really enjoy doing something active for a date. I’m a huge fan of going for a run together. It is a great way to get to know someone. My second answer would be cooking together – another perfect way to get to know someone.

Tell us about your celebrity crush!
I’m not big into the celebrity crush thing…but I must say, Gretta Kruesi.  She is a professional kiteboarder, mural artist, entrepreneur, and model. She is really a great person, does a ton of service work, and has a great attitude on life… oh yeah, and she is super cute.

What’s your biggest turn off?
Lack of ambition.

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Wow. Talk about impressive! It’s safe to say there won’t be any dull moments when you’re hanging out with this cutie. But be ready to break a sweat! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Nate as much as we did!

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