Bachelor of the Week – Jeff O'Donnell

Bachelor of the Week – Jeff O'Donnell

Ladies, we’re back with a fresh new line up of eligible bachelors. Even though we’ve been focusing on studs in the Philadelphia area, we are going national! If you know of a potential Bachelor of the Week in your city – contact us below! We’d love to meet him…for business purposes of course!

In the meantime, meet Jeff!

1. Name / Neighborhood / Occupation
Jeff O’Donnell / Malvern,PA / Responsible for the Sales and Marketing at a Medical Device Start-up.


2. Celebrity crush:
Probably Jennifer Lawrence, she’s incredibly attractive but also seems to be a normal human being which most celebrities struggle with.

3. What are some deal breakers for you in a partner?
A deal breaker for me would be the lack of basic table manners, unfortunately that’s not as common as you might think now a days.

4. Brains versus Beauty – what’s your take?
I believe there are a lot of women with both…. So… Both.

5. You have a first date this Friday night – where would you take her around Philly?
We would hit up a good spot for dinner probably around Rittenhouse (Tria, Parc, maybe the Dandelion).  If its a nice night either sit out on the square for a while, or head out and find a place with some live music depending on how the night is going.

6. What are some of your hobbies?
I love fitness and anything involving being outside; hiking, running, surfing, paddle boarding. Anything involving water is usually something I am a huge fan of.

7. Describe yourself in three words:
Motivated, Romantic, Loyal.

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  • Aw man! I loved the Philly focused Bachelor of the Week! But I guess I can deal with some eye candy from other places too! haha! 😉

    • Hey, we gotta branch out and find eligible men from all over! It’s a big sea out there…;)

  • Becky

    He looks like a total cutie! I hope Mr. O can help me put my O face on ; -)

    • Woah woah Becky – PG please! 🙂

      • Becky

        Sorry but I couldn’t resist 😉 Like the girl above said where is Mr. O’s contact info? I wouldn’t mind throwing out a line to see if my beauty and brains are up to his standards. If there is one thing I could do its promise him a great time!! 😉

        • Kathryn

          Becky. You should have more respect for yourself. This is the kind of guy who is only interested in one night stands.

          • Becky

            Maybe I like one nighters. Its not my fault that you are not happy with your body. Maybe you should get off of the couch and stop eating mickie-d’s and instead join Mr. O and I on a run and then you can watch Mr. O and I eat a fancy dinner while you munch on your chicken nuggets and then when he takes me back to his place and has his way with me you can give me a ride home the next morning so I don’t have to do a walk a shame.

            Love Becky 😉

  • Jenny

    I am interested. He kind of has big dumbo ears but I guess I could get past that if he took me on a romantic date.

    • Romantic dates always win Jenny!

      • Jenny

        I agree! Does he have any V-Day plans? I would LOVE to have a nice romantic Valentines Day Dinner with someone special!!!!

  • Heather

    How do we get in contact with this BOW? I would consider a date, if he pays of course JKLOL (-;

    He looks like a sweet Malvern man I would love to stroll around town with. And don’t worry I know how to use a spoon in more than one way (-;

  • Mary-Beth

    Dang. He. Is. Fine.

    I think the BOW should just post a place and time of where he will be and then we can all get to meet him and he can make his selection.

    He looks filthy to me. Filthy rich and fine.

    • Kathryn

      Mary-Beth. You would be interested in his wallet.

  • Kathryn

    I disagree with you girls. This guy is totally into beauty and would not even look at a girl that is any less than a 5. Even though on his best day and with a clearly photoshopped picture he is at best a 6 himself. I may not be the hottie that this guy or most guys for that matter are looking for but in the long run I think he will realize that all of those hot or beautiful girls will eventually disappear and move onto the next guy with a couple of bucks in his pocket. And so what if a girl doesn’t know which fork to use. I prefer to eat with my hands anyways. And maybe a girl doesn’t want to go to some fancy restaurant. I mean I prefer to eat at Arbys any day of the week.

    Guys like him need to look towards a girls inner beauty. While I self admittedly am not exactly pleasing to the eyes of most guys I am beautiful on the inside. Sorry for the rant but I just can’t stand guys like him who are only looking for super hot girls. Good luck with that.

    And to those dumb bimbos who want his contact info. Just do an internet search. He has his own pompous website with his resume and has another website about his life and how he is all into fitness and stuff. He is definitely a self loathing individual who loves to stroke his own pompous ego.

    • Hi Kathryn, as we appreciate the input and opinion from all of our readers, I just want to remind you that our Bachelors of the Week column is meant to be light-hearted and a fun read for our audience. Our missions is to empower, educate, and unite women through our content, and we try to remain positive throughout the site. With that being said, we’ll try to dive into some more diverse questions for our future bachelors and hopefully you’ll enjoy our next piece. Thank you for visiting our site!

      Melissa, Editor-In-Chief

      • A Friend

        As someone who has had the privilege of knowing Jeff, Kathryn there are several things I would like you to consider:
        Clearly you are interested enough in him to have done some “research”
        Someone must have really hurt you for you to feel the need to lash out on a person you know very little about.
        Jeff is one of the hardest working people I have ever met, both professionally and in his personal life. He sees beauty in things that are physically, emotionally, and intelligently beautiful. Your judgments are meaningless and stupid.

      • Lola

        You are crazy Kathryn!! Good luck ever finding a man! You are lecturing everyone on how he is into beautiful girls only and that he doesn’t focus on inner beauty! Considering you don’t know him and are judging him on only what your seeing from this page your a hypocrite! He seems like an awesome genuine guy! Jeff looks like an awesome dude that anyone would be lucky to date!!

  • Brittney

    What is wrong with all of you! No one knows this guy, so who are you to judge. I did not read one thing that would lead me to believe Jeff would be interested in a one night stand or any girl with such low class. My advice to you would be to check the classified section found in your local news paper, you will have a lot of success finding what your looking for. To Jeff these girls do not represent Philadelphias finest!

  • You can put lipstick on a pig.

    I don’t get the point of bachelor of the week. Why are you elevating these losers when your site is called Femme and Fortune but it seems you only talk about spending your fortune and more girly status crap. Who cares if he likes hotties or not? Every man wants a hottie – its the damn truth, being a nice guy or jerk doesn’t alter that. Take the focus off these idealized 2-D losers and focus on being a better stronger women who doesn’t need a $60 notebook with special lines to organize your life(?) – give me a break, get a ruler out and make one yourself if you need one or take a pic with your phone convert to text file and make each page per month or day whatever by editing that text file and print from home or kinkos or whatever floats your boat.

    Ladies its science week in philly and women are still considered a minority group in scientific research and you wonder why so many medical perks are for men to pass for young and virile I order to continue porking young dumb chicks when evolutionary-wise he’s genetic quicksand with old sperm and all we get is birth control pills that coincidentally makes it easier for them to escape all thenail biting anxiety and responsibility and of having/participating in sex.
    Are you promoting anything positive for women on this site?? No you marketed yourself misleadingly or just horribly wrong. Sorry its true, you’re just another Sassy Magazine saying you SO not as superficial as Seventeen magazine etc when you’re all the same merch. peddlers.

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