Pantene's New Message To Women – Be Str...

Pantene's New Message To Women – Be Strong and Shine

Hopefully you’ve watched the video above. Pantene Philippines recently launched their new campaign urging women to forget about labels and be strong and shine. If that didn’t touch our hearts more, then we don’t know what could! The portrayal of man versus woman in the workplace is genius. This video is also clear evidence about how today’s society is still decades behind where we should be when it comes to gender equality.

Let’s all do ourselves a favor and not let labels hold us back. Let’s be bold and shine one, femmes.

With love,

The Femme & Fortune team


  • I absolutely love how they executed this! Great commercial.

  • I absolutely love how they executed this! Great commercial.

  • Paul

    These campaigns always feel disingenuous. Whether it’s Dove or Pantene. Women don’t need a soap or shampoo to stand up for them. Stop using women’s issues to sell products. And really how many senior managers and executives at P&G are women?

    • Thanks for the input Paul! It’s true, we don’t need to be sold about empowerment from companies that may only care about their bottom line of product sales. These types of commercials or campaigns are at least a good starting point for awareness in the advertising business because a lot of teenagers and women now are still heavily influenced by the media. We do need these types of commercials to offset the junk we see in music videos or other media where women are degraded. There’s definitely more that we can do to really encourage women without being so product driven, so thanks for the inspiration here at Femme & Fortune!

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