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Femme & Fortune is a platform dedicated to empowering women to create businesses around their passions and turn ideas into impact and income. We create relevant experiences, share inspiring stories, provide entrepreneurial resources, start conversations and make connections to other amazing women and brands around the world. In a landscape where content is king, we’re here to make collaboration queen.


Femme & Fortune wants to challenge women to not only stand up for themselves but to also stand up for each other. We’re stronger when united, and we’re here to encourage a safe community for all women regardless of age, background or privilege. Go ahead, get cozy, and welcome to your new digital headquarters.

Boss Ideas For Boss Ladies

Femme & Fortune Agency’s mission is to bridge the gap between great ideas and beautiful design. We’re here to help elevate lifestyle, tech and beauty brands through visual design and strategy. By using a thoughtful approach, we’ve been able to help clients strengthen the foundation of their business and improve brand loyalty with their clients and target audience. Our agency caters to female entrepreneurs and brands with a female focus because we understand your goals, we know your audience and there’s nothing better than women supporting women. Learn more about our agency and services for your brand below!

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At Femme & Fortune, we’re aiming to connect like-minded, ambitious women from around the world while giving you the tools and support to grow your brands. Become a Femme & Fortune member and receive exclusive discounts to our events, resources to improve your business, agency discounts for our services, and much more!

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